Alaska Big Game Hunting

A successful Alaska hunting or trip comes down to one simple thing – experience. At Arctic North Guides, we’ve been using our unparalleled experience to lead clients into the rugged Alaska landscape on productive Alaska hunts for 20 years. Our professional Alaskan guide’s combined experience is over 100 years, and we are proud to offer trips focusing on wild animals that can only be found in the frontier landscape of our Alaska home.

Full Service Alaska Hunting Guide & Outfitter

We are a true, full service Alaska guide and outfitter, and our track record in the business speaks for itself. We offer big game hunts from mid-April to mid-November in three locations, Western Alaska, Kodiak Island, and the Alaska Peninsula. These diverse locales are beyond the fringes of civilization itself, rich with a diversity and quantity of wildlife.

Kodiak Grizzly Bear Hunting Guides

Western Alaska features hunts for grizzly bear, brown bear, and moose. The Alaska Peninsula is world renowned for Alaska hunts focusing on moose, waterfowl, and the mightiest of northern predators, the Peninsula brown bear or “coastal bear.” While our Alaska hunting adventures on the world famous Kodiak Island include mountain goats, Sitka Blacktail Deer, Brown Bear and world class sea duck hunting.

Experienced Guides with Highest Success Rates

Hundreds of hunters have joined us for the Alaska hunting experience of a lifetime. At Arctic North Guides we don’t believe in making excuses, we believe success comes with dedication and experience. With so many guides, it can be difficult to know which outfit offering Alaska hunts is right for you. Maybe a little information about what your hunt will encompass can help you to make a decision.

Customizing Alaska Hunts to Individual Desires

With having 3 different hunting areas in Alaska we are able to cater to a wide variety clients and their individual needs and desires. Whether a giant Alaskan Brown Bear, an Alaskan Yukon moose, Alaskan grizzly bear, we have guides, areas, equipment, and experience to make your Alaskan Hunting trip one you will never forget.

Quality and reliability are of the utmost importance when living and doing business in the bush. We don’t cut corners when it comes to our equipment – we have a large investment in our operations and we run our hunts accordingly. Our staff of professionals includes licensed and experienced commercial pilots, guides, assistants, cooks, and managers. Every person you meet on our hunts is a seasoned expert at their job, dedicated to providing you with success.