Western Alaska Bear Hunting

We hunt bears in unit 17 and 19 from our camp in western Alaska. The bears in unit 17 are considered brown bears and the bears in unit 19 are considered grizzly bears by SCI. Bears in these areas average around 8-8.5 feet square. There are many drainages that have salmon runs in our area, so the bears have plenty to eat.

Western Alaska Bear Hunting Seasons

Bear season for us starts Aug 20 th and runs until October 10 th in the fall and April 20 th to may 5 th in the spring. During the fall the bears will be found on the creeks fishing for salmon or on the hillsides feeding in the numerous berry patches. The fall hunts will take place out of tented camps located in prime areas near food sources. The spring bear hunts take place form our cabin that is located in prime denning areas. Hunts will be spot and stalk with snow machines, we will be able to cover many miles during a day glassing many different drainages looking for bear deans and moose kills.