Alaska Hunting Guide

A successful Alaska hunting or trip comes down to one simple thing – an experienced Alaska Hunting Guide. At Arctic North Guides, we’ve been using our unparalleled experience to lead clients into the rugged Alaska landscape on productive Alaska hunts for 20 years. Our professional Alaskan guide’s combined experience is over 100 years, and we are proud to offer trips focusing on wild animals that can only be found in the frontier landscape of our Alaska home.

With having 3 different hunting areas in Alaska we are able to cater to a wide variety clients and their individual needs and desires. Whether a giant Alaskan Brown Bear, an Alaskan Yukon mooseAlaskan grizzly bear, we have guides, areas, equipment, and experience to make your Alaskan Hunting trip one you will never forget.

Alaska Hunting Guide

Alaska Peninsula Bear Hunting Guides

Our Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear hunts are conducted one hunter one guide, camps consist of cabins and well appointed tented spike camps. All of our camps are located near a high vantage point, this is where you will spend most of your hunting time glassing for bears. These spot and stalk hunts offer guest the best chance to locate and harvest a large male brown bear.

Alaska Brown Bear Hunting Guides

We take pride in our Alaska brown bear guides, these individuals have all worked for us for many years and are like family. Our alaska brown bear hunting guides have over 100 years of brown bear guiding experience. These men are all trained in wilderness first aid, and are very experienced outdoorsmen. Their knowledge of the area, commitment and experience guiding brown bear hunters is a huge factor in your success. Your guides are very well trained in trophy preparation and photography so that your memories and trophy will be preserved for a lifetime.

Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunting Guides

Our success also hinges on using modern, dependable, and well maintained gear. We have much invested in our operation, and we maintain it as such. We operate from an array of various out-camps that were chosen for their proximity to wild game. This ensures that valuable time is maximized, so that every client has the best chance of finding success. By operating all of our own planes, jet boats, and snow machines, we take full control over every variable that might present itself. No two grizzly bear hunts are ever identical, but our experience means that there is little we aren’t prepared for.