Alaska Fishing

Alaska Fly Fishing Lodge

Ugashik Lake Lodge is located about 350 miles south west of Anchorage, on the remote Alaska Peninsula.  Our fly fishing lodge is a true wilderness lodge located on a small lake and unlike many Alaska fishing lodges we have no other fishing lodges near us.  Our small 6-person lodge provides world class Alaska fly fishing for salmon, arctic char and Grayling.

The remote location of our Alaska fly fishing lodge offers anglers what Alaska fly fishing was 50 years ago.  With no other lodges nearby and our floatplane we are able to fish many different locations throughout the remote Alaska Peninsula.  The rivers that we fish offer some of the best fly fishing for fresh bright salmon, and these small rivers are easily wadeable.  We have exclusive fishing rights to one of the best fly fishing river for king salmon.

We offer Alaska fly fishing trips for all 5 species of pacific salmon, arctic char, rainbow trout, and arctic char.  Our Alaska fly fishing season starts in mid-June with the return of the mighty king salmon, shortly after the sockeyes and chum salmon start their annual migration. Late July of even numbered years brings the return of the pink salmon which are great for the new fly angler and kids.  August into September is the peak time for the most aggressive of all the salmon, the Silver or Coho salmon.  From the start of our season in late June until the freezing temperatures of fall our arctic char fishery is second to none, weather fishing smolt patterns and dry flies in June or flesh flies and egg patterns after the salmon start spawning these 3-5 pound fish will provide hours fishing fun for anglers of ages.

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Our salmon fishing season starts in mid-June and continues until mid-September.  We offer Alaska fishing trips for all 5 species of pacific salmon throughout our season.  Our location offers anglers access to some of the most prolific salmon rivers in Alaska.  Within a short flight from our remote fishing lodge we have access to 1000s of miles of pristine salmon fishing rivers.

Alaska Salmon Fishing Seasons

Mid-June- July offers anglers world class king salmon fishing along with the peak run of sockeyes.  July has great chum salmon fishing, and the char and grayling fishing is starting to heat up.  During the peak of the king run guest can expect 10-15 kings a rod per day along with many chums mixed in, and anglers looking to fill their fish boxes the sockeyes are very plentiful.

Aug-September is our peak fishing for silvers and char.  The creeks are full of spawning sockeyes and the char are there in force.  100 fish days during this time are not uncommon during August and September.  Closer to ocean the silvers are stacking up, fresh from the salt these dime bright silvers are aggressively eating surface and sub surface flies.

Alaska Salmon Fishing Guides

Your Alaska Salmon fishing guides will accompany you to one of our many flyout destinations.  Your pilot-guide will stay with you during the day and the plane also stay with you.  Our guest to staff is about 2×1.  Because your guide is also your pilot you are able to move to more productive rivers if you need to.

Alaska Chum Salmon Fishing

Often cussed by anglers targeting kings or silver salmon these 10-15 pound fish are pound for pound the hardest fighting of all the salmon.  Underrated by most anglers because of not being the greatest table fare, chums are very user friendly.  Found in all the rivers we fish chums found in tidal areas of the rivers are very aggressive and loads of fun to catch. The peak of the chum fun is late July but are available all of July and August.

Alaska Chum Salmon Fly Fishing

Chums are caught using weighted hot pink flies dead drifted on floating lines.  7-8 weight rods are a perfect match for chums.  Chums are found on most of the shallow bars and pools in the river will hold large numbers of chums.  Single and double handed rods work well for swinging flies.

Alaska King Salmon Fishing

King Salmon are the largest of the pacific salmon, averaging 25 pounds in the rivers we fish these fish are the big game of the salmonids.  We fish three different rivers near our lodge and have exclusive rights to fish one river.  Our remote location assures that you will have these pristine rivers, we keep boats on these rivers so we can move around to the best areas of the rivers.

Alaska King Salmon Fly Fishing

Fly fishing for Alaska king salmon takes place during their peak runs into the rivers, we fish very close to the ocean so all fish are chrome and aggressive.  We use single and double handed rods for batting these giants, sinking lines and bright colored flies draw strikes from kings.  The rivers we fish are perfect for wadding and swinging big flies in prime holding water.  Anglers can expect to catch 5-10 kings weighing 15-30 pounds a day while fishing in solitude in remote Alaska.

King Salmon Fishing Gear

We provide all the needed gear that you will need for king salmon fishing with us, we use TFO fly and conventional rods.  We have a large selection of 10 weight single handed rods as well as 9-10 weight spey rods.  We use Tibor and TFO fly reels loaded with plenty of backing and sinking lines.  We have a large selection of flies and all the materials need if you are a fly tier and would like to tie a few flies while relaxing after dinner.  We also have spinning and casting rods and reels as well as a huge selection of the best lures for kings for those that do not fly fish.

Our Alaska King Salmon Fishing Season

Our season for kings starts in mid-June and last well into July, with the peak being around the 4th of July.  The rivers that we fish are short in length by Alaska standards, and the average river get 15-20 thousand kings returning ever year.  During this time we are able to catch arctic char, chum salmon, as well as Sockeye salmon.

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing

By far the most aggressive of the salmon, these 10-20 pound salmon are the stars of late summer and early fall.  Our lodge is located a short flight from some incredible silver fishing, we like to fish for silver near or in the tidal section of the rivers.  Daily large schools of silvers start their migration up the rivers and stage in the tidal areas where we target these chrome bright salmon.

Alaska Silver Salmon Fly Fishing

Small clear and easily wadable is how I would describe the rivers that we fish for silvers.  These fish being super fresh from the ocean are very aggressive and are caught on top water woggs and poppers as well as streamers.  These hard fighting and highly acrobatic salmon are the favorite among anglers and fly fishermen can expect to catch 20-30 silvers a day and 50 fish days are not uncommon.

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing Gear

6-8 weight single handed rods as well as spey, and switch rods are the choice for silver fishing.  We mainly use floating lines and bright colored flies.  We provide all the rods and flies that anglers will need while fishing with us but feel free to bring your favorite rod and reel if you would like.  We also have 8-foot medium action spinning rods with 4000 series spinning reels loaded with 10 pound test for the not anglers that are not into fly fishing.

Alaska Silver Salmon Seasons

Silvers steal the salmon show on the Alaska Peninsula starting in late July and lasting all the way until late September.  The prime time for silvers is from August 10th until September 10th.  We can split up your time to add world class arctic char fishing during this time also.

Alaska Arctic Char Fishing

The Alaska Peninsula is world renowned for its arctic char fishing, these 3-5 pound fish are the backbone of our late summer and early fall fishing program.  Weather fishing smolt patterns or egg patterns char are very user friendly and provide anglers great action on light action fly rods.

We have some of the best streams and rivers for char fishing located just a short flight from our lodge.  Flights average anywhere from 5-15 minutes from some of the more productive rivers in the region.  The world famous Ugashik Narrows is located within sight of our lodge, this small “river” is about a 1000 yards long and connects Upper and Lower Ugashik Lakes.

Alaska Sockeye Fishing

Bristol Bay Alaska is known for having the largest sockeye runs of anywhere in the world, the Ugashik and Egigek rivers have annual returns of sockeyes numbering in the millions.  These 5-10-pound salmon are the best eating of all the salmon.  Unlike other areas in Alaska we do not snag these fish, we actually fish for them, and are quite good at it.  The runs start around the 25th of June and last until late July.

We fish in the prime areas for sockeyes and have found that swinging small nymphs in bright colors works really well for sockeyes.  8 weight rods with floating lines are the weapons of choice for sockeyes.  We let our guest keep a total of 10 sockeyes during their stay with us which is about 25 pounds of fillets.  We will clean, vacuum seal and pack into an airline approved fish box for you.