See You At The Top

If your a flatlander who’s concerned with the upcoming hunting season that involves traversing steep hillsides or miles of rolling hills don’t worry. You can walk and sprint your way to increased endurance and cardio in no time. It will be the key to your next high-altitude adventure. The following exercises will be your key to being the first to the top. Good luck and happy hunting!

Pack your backpack with weight equal to how much you will carry each day hunting and wear it on the treadmill as you work out. Begin at a comfortable pace at a 1 percent grade. Increase the grade by 1 percent every two minutes as you walk for 20 minutes. Then return to 1 percent for a five-minute cooldown. As you build stamina, increase the duration of the workout 5 to 10 minutes.

As part of your routine, incorporate sprinting drills up a local hill. If sprinting isnt your thing even a brisk walk will help. Start out with five to six repetitions with two minutes of rest in between. After the first week, increase the number of sprints you do and decrease the amount of rest between them to build endurance over a period of time.

With a dumbbell in each hand step onto a stair or flat bench with your left leg, being careful to let your left leg do the work, rather than pushing off the trailing foot. Then step up with your right leg so you are now on the same stair as your left leg. Step down with your left leg, then your right leg. Switch legs and repeat.

Get up, get out, get ready the season is just over the hill!