Packing List

All Gear should fit in one Cabela’s Super-cub duffel bag or waterproof Dry bag.


  • Rifle, Sling, Scope covers and 40 rounds of ammo. (Same as you sighted in with)
  • (The following packs can be used for your carry-on airline bag)
  • Small frame 2200 Day pack (Cabela’s SE-51-6570)
  • Hybrid Hunter 2-in-1 pack (Cabela’s SE-51-6505)
  • Flashlight and extra batteries (Mini-Mag AA)
  • Insect repellant & Sunglasses (100% Deet)
  • Digital Camera and extra batteries
  • Extra GI duffel bag for skins
  • Water filter bottle / canteen
  • Moleskin for blister control
  • Skinning Knife (optional)
  • Shaving kit and medicine
  • Small hard gun case
  • Sunscreen cream
  • Binoculars


  • Ankle fit insulated hip boots (1 size larger than you normally wear) (Cabela’s)
  • Warm Outfitter’s Fleece camo jacket (Cabela’s SE-93-0473 or SE-93-1897)
  • 2 pairs Long MTP Medium-weight underwear (Cabela’s SE-91-1259 & 1263)
  • Good quality waterproof hunting boot Danner, Rocky, or similar boots
  • 6 changes of MTP underwear (Cabela’s SE-90-1467, 1468, 1469, 1784)
  • 2 pairs felt insoles for inside your hip boot. Wool felt insoles
  • Impertech rain pants & ¾ length guide coat (Dark Olive)
  • 2 camo Microtex Shirts (Cabela’s Option 1 or Option 2)
  • 1 pair of Microtex camo pants (Cabela’s SE-93-0393)
  • 4 pairs Wool boot socks (Cabela’s SE-81-2209)
  • 1 pair polar fleece jeans or Carhartt pants
  • 4 pairs Polypro socks (Cabela’s SE-81-2207)
  • Wool camo jacket (Cabela’s SE-95-0574)
  • Gore-Tex gloves (Cabela’s SE-92-0003)
  • Warm insulated hat and stocking cap

NOTE: These are the exact items most of our guides use and we highly recommend them as very good equipment All Gear should fit in one Cabela’s Super-cub duffel bag (SE-51-1903-273) or waterproof Dry bag. No hard suitcases, plus your gun case & carry on! No exceptions. More Packing List Questions? Contact us.