Alaska Duck Hunting

Alaska offers some of the most diverse waterfowl hunting as anywhere in the world, from mallards to eiders Alaska has something to offer any water fowler. The season starts in September and runs until late January. We hunt two different locations in Alaska, the Alaska Peninsula where we target puddle ducks, geese and brant. We also offer sea duck hunting for collectors on Kodiak Island.

Duck Hunting Alaska
Sea Duck Hunting

Alaska Peninsula Water Fowl Hunting

Our camp located near the famous areas of Pilot Point, and Cinder River offers waterfowl hunters great gunning for Canada geese and puddle ducks. Next to Izembek Lagoon this area holds the largest population of cackling, lesser, and Aleutian Canada geese as well as 1000’s of puddle ducks. We will fly out to the hunting grounds every morning and hunt many different locations along the beaches. This area is full of lakes and ponds as well as berry fields where the birds feed. Large spreads of decoys and layout blinds provide hunters with non-stop action. During this time the silver salmon and arctic char fishing is world class during this time also, an afternoon of fishing is a good way to top off this world class adventure.

Alaska Seaduck Hunting

Alaska offers some of the best seaduck hunting there is to offer, and our hunts on Kodiak are unmatched. We only take 2 hunters at a time for this 5-day hunt, and we are the only guide in Alaska with a scull boat. We are able to collect up to 13 species of birds on this hunt. You will be personally guided by Phil Byrd who has a lifetime of waterfowl hunting experience.

We normally have the opportunity to collect the following species that are in the best plumage:

  • Harlequin
  • Old Squaw
  • Barrows Golden Eye
  • Common Golden Eye
  • White Wing Scooter
  • Common Scooter
  • Surf Scooter
  • Common Merganser
  • Red Breasted Merganser
  • Pacific Common Eider
  • Greater Scuap
  • Buffle Head
Alaska Sea Duck Hunting